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endurance, speed, softness, strength and healing energy

Every horse is unique and expresses emotions, reacts according to situation differently, has good and bad days as well as its own story. Exactly the same as we do…

Horses are similar to us on one hand, but different on the other. They are social creatures, living in a herd and a herd dynamics resembles dynamics of our behavior in our families. The horse is a prey animal and has two main goals in life – survival and reproduction. In herd, they synchronize with each other. The primary defense of the horse is a flight instinct. Horses can sense fear. If we are angry or nervous, horse can sense the high adrenaline and believe that danger is approaching, so he must get ready to flee. Leadership is critically important to horses in a herd and a rest is a natural reward for them.

Our horses

„When you finish working with a horse in the good and let it go into the pasture, it will return even better.“ Tom Dorrance





More about horses

The feeling in the saddle is fascinating, liberating and noble. However, there is something more ... Much more. Horses are in something like us. They are social, living in the herd and the dynamics in it resemble the dynamics of behavior in the family. The purpose of their lives is survival and reproduction. On the other hand, they are very different. While we are a predator, the horse is a prey. As a prey, the horse reacts only then thinks. To survive, his first option is to escape. Only then does he find out what or who threatened him. However, the horse does not run too long. He does not want to separate himself from his herd, get into the territory of another predator, and at the same time realize that he will still need his powers. The last option is to fight. If he can no longer escape when he attacks ...

Why horses?

They can be a huge help

to calm down and feel balanced

to control, reduce adrenaline and a heart rate

to relieve stress and tension

to fight depression and anxiety

to fight addictions or mental problems

They can teach us

to identify our own emotions and cope with them

to realize the importance of verbal and nonverbal communication

understand the importance of boundaries in the interactions with others

to overcome fear

to build the trust


mirror our emotions

help us to feel Self

teach us to understand that there is no trust with violence or force

teach us to control our emotions, anger or frustration